TaoTao claims the Consumer’s Laurel 2016

Our products have yet again been awarded by our consumers! Thank you for your trust!

Success – Silver Consumer’s Laurel 2016

The TaoTao brand has been the definite leader on the oriental sauces and pastas market in Poland for many years. This strong standing resulted in us being awarded the Silver Consumer’s Laurel 2016. According to the rules of the contest, this distinction is given each year to brands which are most popular in their categories. Our portfolio contains just such products – undisputed leaders: soy sauce, sweet-spicy chili and sweet chili sauce, as well as rice noodles (tagliatelle, vermicelli).

The TaoTao brand offers a wide range of oriental sauces (chili, soy, fish), oriental noodles (rice, wheat, Chinese). Moreover, our portfolio contains products such as exquisite chili sauces, soy sauces, rice and wheat noodles, marinades, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, snacks, and culinary ingredients which perfectly reflect the brand’s oriental character. TaoTao products are synonymous with high quality, originality and a wealth of flavors and aromas characteristic of the cuisine of the Far East. Consumers discover culinary inspirations using TaoTao products not only when cooking Asian dishes, but also when putting a new twist on traditional Polish and European courses. Currently, with an ever-growing customer awareness, our products, especially soy sauce manufactured according to a traditional recipe, with a very high soy content (34%), or naturally gluten-free rice noodles are the consumers’ favorites and a guarantee of culinary satisfaction.

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