TaoTao rice noodles – no 1 in Poland

In Poland we know them well from Thai and Chinese dishes, but they are so versatile and full of good qualities that they will be perfect combined with the Western flavours.

Rice noodles are produced mainly from rice flour and water, do not contain any artificial additives, colours or flavour enhancements. Therefore, they are naturally gluten-free and easy to digest, having neutral flavour, so they have a neutral taste, absorb flavour of sauces, and they are the basis of meals. They do not require cooking, it is enough to pour boiling water on them, cover, and strain after a few minutes.

Vermicelli rice noodles by TaoTao are perfect for soups and salads, as well as spring roll stuffing. They can also be fried in deep oil, and a handful of such noodles, once they “swell” and become golden and crunchy, will be an excellent sprinkle for the Asian dishes. Thicker rice noodles will be better in stir-fry, and also in soups, salads, and as a traditional accompaniment for meat or vegetables.

TaoTao brand also offers: Rice pasta with tapioca, Brown rice noodles, and in 2014 it introduced a novelty to the market in the form of rice shell- and elbow-shaped pasta, as well as fussili. The latter are also cooked in the blink of an eye, and their structure and shape works especially well with thicker, more traditional sauces; they also make salads more attractive.

TaoTao pasta is an undisputable number one in the category of oriental pasta *. From amongst them the Consumers more frequently choose the TaoTao rice noodles, TaoTao tagliatelle and Chinese TaoTao pasta (produced of 70% peas and 30% mung beans).

TaoTao brand has been an unquestionable leader on the market of oriental sauces and oriental pasta in Poland for many years*. In the brand’s portfolio of products, next to rice noodles, can be found, amongst others: excellent soy sauces and chilli sauces, wheat and Chinese noodles, pickles, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, snacks and condiments, which perfectly reflect its oriental character. These products, while maintaining high quality and optimal price, are most frequently chosen by the Consumers and guarantee many inspirations, as well culinary satisfaction.

* data from Nielsen, Retail Panel, category of oriental sauces and oriental pasta, aggregated period: II 14 – I 15

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