TaoTao soy sauce – no 1 in Poland

TaoTao soy sauce is the best choice – it is an original product that comes from the Chinese province of Guangzhou.

The Consumers appreciate it for its quality, flavour, and the price. Traditional recipe assumes that soy sauce is produced as a result of fermentation of soybeans, and the Consumers are increasingly paying attention to the ingredients of the selected products.

Classic TaoTao soy sauce consists of natural ingredients only: soybeans (34%), water, wheat flour and salt. Reaching for it one can be certain that it is a wholesome product with no artificial additives, GMO and preservatives.

TaoTao soy sauce has for years been a NUMBER 1 among the oriental sauces* on the Polish market!

The biggest advantage of the TaoTao soy sauce is the multitude of its applications. Soy sauce can be used to enrich not only Asian dishes (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese), but also typically European meals, e.g. stew and soups. It is excellent in marinades. It naturally complements meats: cooked and fried pork, roast and boiled chicken, boiled beef and venison. When it comes to fish and seafood – with the obvious exception of sushi – soy sauce can be added to fried scallops, lobster, fried fish. It joins well with vegetables, especially red pepper, eggplant, fresh cucumber and broad beans. Other interesting combinations: fresh ginger, lovage, sweet paprika powder, tangerine peel, hazelnuts, buckwheat honey, and even vanilla and cocoa (worth thinking about ice cream with a bit of sauce!).

After opening, soy sauce should be kept in the fridge. It maintains its best qualities for a month after opening.

TaoTao brand provides the Consumers with four varieties of this popular product:

  • Light sauce used for short-fried and boiled dishes,
  • Dark sauce used for beef and pork, thicker, more distinctive
  • Soy-mushroom sauce as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes, as well as soups,
  • Sauce with reduced salt content as an alternative for the traditional sauce, with the salt content not exceeding 10%

TaoTao brand has been an unquestionable leader on the market of oriental sauces and oriental pasta in Poland for many years*. In the brand’s portfolio of products, next to soy sauces, can be found, amongst others: excellent chilli sauces, rice, wheat and Chinese noodles, pickles, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, snacks and condiments, which perfectly reflect its oriental character. These products, while maintaining high quality and optimal price, are most frequently chosen by the consumers and guarantee many inspirations, as well culinary satisfaction.

* data from Nielsen, Retail Panel, category of oriental sauces and oriental pasta, aggregated period: II 14 – I 15

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