​TaoTao Sweet and spicy chilli sauce – no 1 in Poland among the oriental chilli sauces

Sweet flavour broken with a zest of red chillies determines the unique character of dishes seasoned with the TaoTao sauce.

Chilli sauce, despite the fact that by many it is associated with the Asian cuisine, has versatile use and is excellent also as an addition enriching every-day culinary experiments.

It does an ideal job accompanied by roasted meats, vegetables, fish, skewers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, pizza, grilled dishes, and even fast foods – a little bit is enough to give our meal a fresh, original taste. It is perfect as a marinade. Use it as a dip for nachos or crisps, and even as an addition for cheeses, especially mould ones – then you will know its full features and advantages.

TaoTao Sweet and spicy chilli sauce is a leader in the category of chilli oriental sauces*. As NUMBER 1 in Poland it opens the door for the other chilli sauces; there are quite a few in the TaoTao’s range, and each has a unique character. In addition to the classics – sweet and sweet and spicy chilli sauces, try other variants: black, with a pineapple, with lemon, with lime and coriander, garlic chilli sauce, and tomato sauce with chilli. Hundreds of thousands well-informed Consumers cannot be wrong repeatedly reaching for these products of outstanding quality, originality and flavour.

In 2014 a test was carried out, in which almost 1000 people could try for free and review the sweet and spicy chilli sauce by TaoTao. The leader of chilli sauces collected as much as 96% of positive ratings**.

TaoTao brand has been an unquestionable leader on the market of oriental sauces and oriental pasta in Poland for many years*. In the brand’s portfolio of products, next to chilli sauces, can be found, amongst others: other oriental sauces, including soy, rice, wheat and Chinese noodles, pickles, vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, snacks and condiments, which perfectly reflect its oriental character. These products, while maintaining high quality and optimal price, are most frequently chosen by the consumers and guarantee many inspirations, as well culinary satisfaction.

* data from Nielsen, Retail Panel, category of oriental sauces and oriental pasta, aggregated period: II 14 – I 15

** data from TestMeToo, VIII 2014, research report, https://testmetoo.com/raport/taotao/sos-slodko-pik...

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